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Stoneridge Tachograph Software Optac3
08 / 01 / 2023

11 Reasons to Choose OPTAC3

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Our digital tachograph analysis provides you with a cost effective solution that ensures you stay compliant with the latest regulations. Suitable for all fleet sizes and with 40+ different driver and vehicle reports, our OPTAC3 digital tachograph solution is easy to use, helping each driver in a quick and low-cost way. Why should you choose OPTAC3? We've listed 11 reasons for you!

  1. Cost Effective: unlimited downloads for only £1 per driver per week.

  2. Keeps You Legal: automatic infringement checking.

  3. Great Features: instant analysis, monthly view, clear infringement description.

  4. Digital Data Editing: human mistakes can be amended without impacting your compliance.

  5. 40+ Reports and Letters: available in 19 languages making driver education easy.

  6. Easy to Use: intuitive interface, step-by-step help box, web chat.

  7. Flexible: instant access to Web account from anywhere you are.

  8. Fast Data Import/Export: significantly improved performance.

  9. Clear Calendar View: vehicle/driver activities in a clear and simple view.

  10. All software updates included: regular updates with new features/improvements, Web accounts updated automatically.

  11. Supports Direct Data Import: data can be sent directly into OPTAC3 via remote download technology.

Stoneridge Tachograph Software Optac3