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Solutions for the future of the Transport Sector

We are Stoneridge: the leading system solution provider for the transport sector and a trusted partner to fleets, importers, and workshops. As a manufacturer of innovative systems and services, our priority is improving safety, productivity and reliability. Our products provide a streamlined solution for drivers to efficiently monitor their driving times and rest periods. Additionally, our products provide fleet managers with readily accessible data on their fleet, allowing them to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

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Beware of the 2024 deadline


As millions of tachographs in Europe need to be retrofitted, backlogs in workshop scheduling are emerging. Stoneridge therefore emphasizes the importance of planning retrofit projects well in advance. It is advisable to combine retrofit appointments with regular maintenance or inspections to minimize downtime. If you are an international operator without your mandatory Smart 2 tachograph upgrade plan in place yet, we urge you to act now! 

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Stoneridge Tachographs: Continuous development of solutions for the future of transport

At Stoneridge, we are committed to sustainability and continuous innovation. We strive to develop products that not only comply with current regulations, but also anticipate the future needs of the transport industry. Our research and development team works tirelessly to incorporate cutting-edge technologies that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. We believe that the future of transportation depends on solutions that are both technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, and we are dedicated to leading this positive change in the industry.

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Stoneridge's tachographs simplify regulatory compliance, saving time and money. Designed to be user-friendly, our tachographs assist drivers in adhering to regulations, ultimately benefiting both drivers and fleets.

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  • Most user-friendly tachograph in the market
  • Over 5.000 importers, dealers and workshops in Europe
  • Regulatory compliance made easy
  • Saving time and money

Introducing Stoneridge SE5000 Smart 2

Stoneridge introduces the SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph. Designed to meet the specific needs of today's transport sector, the Smart 2 tachograph provides a wide range of features that make it easier for drivers and fleet managers to comply with European regulations and manage their vehicles more effectively. Discover how this tachograph will help to optimise your fleet and avoid driver infringements.

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Comply with the
Mobility Package!

The European Union (EU) has introduced a package of measures to increase road safety, improve working conditions, and ensure fair competition and equal access to European markets. This package, known as the Mobility Package, consists of rules and regulations that will bring about significant changes for the transport industry. Learn on this page more about the Mobility Package, what it means for you and how you remain legally compliant with the Stoneridge SE5000 Smart 2.

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Stoneridge has over 5.000 importers, dealers and services centers all over Europe, all trained and qualified to service Stoneridge products. Our service network gives fleets direct support in the field. 

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