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20 / 11 / 2023
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Fomco Trade presents SE5000 Smart 2 in Romania

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In the Romanian town of Sovata, Fomco Trade recently organized a conference with the theme "Smart 2 Tachographs: Perspectives and Development Opportunities." The aim of the conference was to raise awareness among the Stoneridge workshop network about the importance of the Mobility Package. Additionally, the impressive 20-year collaboration between Stoneridge and the Romanian partner network was highlighted. With 40 prominent partners in attendance, the event was a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration.

One of the highlights of the conference was the introduction of the new Stoneridge tachograph, the SE5000 Smart 2. The attending partners had the unique opportunity to experience this latest technological development, including the smart feature for remotely downloading tachograph data. This allows for automatic data downloads at specified intervals, significantly reducing the risk of fines.

Automatic registration of border crossings

A particularly impressive feature of the SE5000 Smart 2 is the ability to automatically register border crossings without any action required from the driver. This is made possible by the advanced Galileo OSNMA position authentication, ensuring accurate position certification even in AETR countries. Drivers can now more easily read data and operate the tachograph via external devices such as smartphones, or even download data directly via Bluetooth.

New Smart 2 cards

Another significant development is the introduction of the new Smart 2 cards, the issuance of which began in July 2023, almost simultaneously with the launch of the Smart 2 tachograph. While all existing cards remain compatible with the new tachograph, the new Smart 2 driver cards offer significantly more storage space for the last 56 days of usage. These cards are specially designed to store new data, such as GNSS positioning information.

A major step towards road safety

During the conference, a workshop was held to share knowledge and information about the SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph model. Moreover, partners had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new features by expanding the tachograph themselves. All Stoneridge network workshops in Romania are thus well-prepared for the further rollout of the SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph. Together with Stoneridge, Fomco Trade takes a significant step forward in modernizing transport and increasing efficiency and safety on European roads.

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