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21 / 05 / 2024
2 minutes

Navigate the Mobility Package with the SE5000 Smart 2 Tachograph

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The European Union has implemented the Mobility Package. The Mobility Package introduced a new set of regulations aimed at increasing road safety, improving working conditions for truck drivers and more.

To effectively monitor and access these regulations, the EU mandates the use of the second generation of Smart tachographs, known as the Smart 2. Watch our video or keep reading to discover what the Mobility Package will mean to you and your fleet.

Benefit from numerous advantages

The SE5000 comes equipped with many advantages, making driving and management easier. To name a few:

  • More accurate data
  • Improved detection of tempering or manipulation attempts
  • Assistance for road authorities in enforcing the new standards
  • Simplifying the monitoring of driving times and rest periods through Driver Decision Support Counters
  • A user-friendly display, granting drivers piece of mind and confidence in avoiding tachograph infringement fines.

 With the SE5000 Smart 2 adhering to regulations becomes a hassle and stress-free experience.

Beat the timeline

The EU mobility package comes with a timeline that tells you exactly when your fleet need to be retrofitted to meet the new legislation. The timeline started on the 21st of August 2023. All newly registered vehicles needed to be equipped with Smart 2 tachographs. The next big deadline is at the end of 2024. By the end of this year, all trucks involved in international transport with an analogue or 1B digital tachograph are required to retrofit a Smart 2 tachograph. After that, we move to August 19, 2025. By then, the retrofit obligation will extend to vehicles equipped with first-generation Smart tachographs. The last stop of the timeline is on the first of January 2026. Light commercial vehicles weighing over 2.5 tons and used for international transport of goods must also be equipped with Smart 2 tachographs.

Are you compliant yet?

Ensure compliance and streamline your fleet management with the SE5000 Smart 2 Tachograph to stay ahead of the deadline. Choose the Stoneridge SE5000 Smart 2 and stay legally compliant. Schedule your appointment today for a hassle-free experience.

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