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26 / 06 / 2023
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Stoneridge Electronics launches new website

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Stoneridge Electronics, a leading provider of Tachographs and Fleet Solutions in the European Aftermarket sector, launches a new website at The new website has a modern design, improved functionality, and easy access to essential product information. It enables customers to explore Stoneridge's complete range of products for the transportation sector in Europe.

The new website includes a wealth of valuable resources and information. Customers can access product specifications, technical documentation, manuals, and frequently asked questions to assist them in finding the right solutions for their specific needs. The website's intuitive categorization further facilitates a smooth browsing experience. Furthermore, the new website incorporates multilingual support is available in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Polish languages, enabling users to access content in their preferred language. This localization strategy demonstrates Stoneridge's commitment to providing a personalized and inclusive experience for its diverse customer base.

One of the key features of the new website is its responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing and interaction across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This mobile-friendly approach caters to the increasing number of users accessing websites on the go, enabling them to access information from any location at any time.

Service Centers
A comprehensive Service Center Locator is also included in the new website, empowering customers to easily locate one of the 5,000 trained and qualified importers, dealers, and service centers across Europe. Recognizing the importance of providing efficient after-sales support, Stoneridge has further improved this valuable tool to ensure that customers can access professional assistance whenever and wherever they need it. By simply entering their location, users can quickly identify the nearest service center, enabling prompt maintenance and repair services to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

Stoneridge Electronics is confident that the launch of its new website will serve as a catalyst for continued growth and success. By offering an improved user experience, easy access to information, and interactive features, Stoneridge aims to strengthen its relationships with existing customers while attracting new ones. The website's modern design and focus on user needs reflect Stoneridge's dedication to innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry.


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