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20 / 04 / 2023
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Equipment Repairs & Calibration FAQs

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Where and when to have my Stoneridge Workshop Equipment calibrated (conformance tested)

Conformance testing of the following equipment must be carried out every 6, 12 or 24 months (depending on your in Country legal requirements) to check it for accuracy. The check may take place at any time during the month:

  • Vehicle Testing Rollers (Rolling Road / RBT Add-On)
  • Tachograph Instrument Portable Drive Test Unit (Head tester)
  • Clock tester
  • Pulse Counter (OPTIMO)
  • Adapter for electronic sender units (OPTIMO)

The conformance testing must be carried out by a company independent of the ownership or control of the Approved Tachograph Center.  To ensure compliance of your chosen supplier, please check the level of accreditation required by your national authorities.


Who can provide conformance testing of my equipment?

As Stoneridge do not carry out this service directly, you are free to choose any provider for this testing. Your choice of provider will not affect your product warranty.


Equipment repairs and maintenance

The tachograph center is responsible for ensuring that all equipment is maintained in a fully serviceable condition. Maintenance checks should be carried out and equipment checked for damage. Any center found with equipment not in accordance with approved status will be suspended from calibration work until repairs are carried out.


Who can provide repair and maintenance service for my equipment?

If your equipment is still within warranty, then please contact your supplier. As Stoneridge do not carry out this service directly, for any equipment outside warranty you are free to choose any provider for this service.

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