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Stoneridge DSRC Tester:
Ensures a seamless testing process

The user-friendly nature of the Stoneridge DSRC Tester ensures that workshops can enjoy a convenient and hassle-free experience when testing and validating DSRC-based communication systems. With the Stoneridge DSRC Tester, connecting to the Optimo² via Bluetooth is a breeze, eliminating the need for recurring setup. The device establishes a connection within seconds, ensuring a seamless testing process. Simply place the workshop card reader in the Optimo², and the testing process can start effortlessly.

Wireless, lightweight, and reliable

The Stoneridge DSRC Tester offers remarkable ease of use, featuring a wireless and lightweight design that ensures effortless handling. Its performance can be relied upon, thanks to the dependable 10-hour battery life. Recharging the battery is a breeze through the USB interface, allowing for convenient power replenishment. Moreover, if a fixed location is necessary, the DSRC Tester can even be powered permanently, providing continuous functionality. All of these convenient features are packaged in a compact size, comparable to that of a mobile phone.

Effortless testing with the Stoneridge DSRC Tester

The Stoneridge DSRC Tester significantly enhances the testing process, delivering quick and efficient results in less than one minute. This helps reduce costs and saves valuable time. Equipped with essential communication tools, the DSRC Tester effortlessly interacts with onboard units (OBUs).

The DSRC Tester measures the performance of the DSRC Module and if it complies with the required communication protocols. It checks factors like signal strength, how far the messages can travel, and how quickly they are transmitted. It ensures that both systems speak the same language and comprehend each other effectively, guaranteeing a dependable communication network, and facilitating seamless and dependable communication between vehicles and infrastructure. This process is required by law, to enable authorities to remotely verify the DSRC Module data without the need for unnecessary vehicle stops.

Smart 2 and the DSRC Tester

The European Union (EU) has implemented the Mobility Package, a comprehensive set of measures to enhance road safety, fair competition, improve working conditions, and ensure equal access to European markets. Among its regulations is the Smart 2 tachograph legislation, which seeks to introduce an upgraded digital tachograph with advanced technical capabilities. The Smart 2 is set to replace both the existing analog and digital tachographs.

Stoneridge has designed the SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph to ensure that drivers and fleets comply with the latest European regulations for tachographs to meet the requirements of Annex Smart 2 (EU 2016/799). The SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph is a technologically advanced device and offers automated features like inputting departure and destination countries and simplifying manual entries. The tachograph helps drivers monitor their driving times, rest times, and breaks, while providing fleet companies with access to data for legal compliance. 

Discover SE5000 Smart 2

The Stoneridge DSRC Tester is designed to calibrate all second generation tachographs. To ensure the proper calibration of a Smart 2 tachograph, it is necessary to update all DSRC Testers. This updating procedure is straightforward and can be effortlessly accomplished using the Optimo² device and its Bluetooth connection*.

*the update is chargeable unless the device is less than 12 months old.



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