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12 / 02 / 2024
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European transport companies fall behind with tachograph retrofit

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In a recent survey, Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) revealed alarming figures about the state of tachograph retrofit among Dutch transport companies. The survey shows that only 4% of the companies surveyed have installed a new tachograph. This news sheds a sharp light on the challenges facing the transport sector ahead of key retrofitting deadlines.

A trend continuing across Europe

The problem identified by TLN does not seem to be limited to the Netherlands alone. Stoneridge, a leading tachograph player, recognises a similar trend in other European countries. With the mandatory retrofit for analogue and 1B tachographs for international transport vehicles taking place this year, pressure is growing on companies to take action. The year-end deadline is fast approaching, making it essential to act fast.


Have you started the retrofit yet?

To ensure that drivers comply with the law, Stoneridge has developed the SE5000 Smart 2. This advanced tachograph meets all requirements and offers companies an efficient and reliable way to comply with regulations. Moreover, Stoneridge's extensive network of more than 5,000 importers, dealers and workshops in Europe is ready to help with the retrofitting process.


Haven't started yet? Make an appointment with Stoneridge

For transport companies that have not yet started retrofitting their tachographs, now is the time to act. Make an appointment with Stoneridge today and make sure your vehicles are ready for the future of transport regulation. Our experts are on hand to guide you through every step of the process and ensure you meet all the requirements.

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