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How to comply with the rules of the EU Mobility Package

The European Union (EU) has introduced a package of measures to increase road safety, improve working conditions, and ensure fair competition and equal access to European markets. This package, known as the Mobility Package, consists of rules and regulations that will bring about significant changes for the transport industry. Learn on this page more about the Mobility Package, what it means for you and how you remain legally compliant with the Stoneridge SE5000 Smart 2.

"Starting from August 21, 2023, all newly registered vehicles over 3.5 tons must be equipped with a second-generation tachograph."

A key component of the Mobility Package is the new Smart 2 tachograph legislation, which aims to introduce a technically improved digital tachograph that will replace the current analogue and digital tachographs. This new generation of tachographs offers several advantages, including more accurate data, improved detection of tampering or manipulation attempts, and assistance for road authorities in enforcing the new standards. Stoneridge's SE5000 Smart 2 has been specifically designed to meet all the requirements of this legislation, ensuring compliance and optimal performance for users.

New features

The SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph includes new features such as geofix and position authentication via Galileo OSNMA. This allows for automated border crossing without driver action needed and speed up roadside cabotage checks as the tachograph can manually register the position during loading/unloading. The SE5000 Smart 2 improves monitoring of drivers' rest periods and driving times, what helps to prevent driver fatigue and improves road safety.

Overall, the Mobility Package and the new smart 2 tachograph legislation represent a significant step forward for the road transport industry. By increasing road safety, improving working conditions, and ensuring fair competition, the EU is creating a more sustainable and efficient transport sector for the future.

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The Mobility Package Timeline

From August 21st


In all newly registered vehicles (national and international)

Before the end of


Mandatory retrofit for all Analogue & 1B tachographs for international transport vehicles 

Before August 19th


Mandatory retrofit for all first generation Smart 1 tachographs for international transport vehicles

From July 1st


In all goods vehicles above 2.5 tons, for international transport only

Meet the EU Mobility Package with SE5000 Smart 2

The SE5000 Smart 2 is the second-generation smart tachograph from Stoneridge designed to meet the EU Mobility Package I standards. Designed to meet the specific needs of today's transport sector, the SE5000 Smart 2 tachograph provides a wide range of features that make it easier for drivers and fleet managers to comply with the EU Mobility Package I standards and manage their vehicles more effectively.

SE5000 Smart 2


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