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09 / 05 / 2023

Mobility Package significantly changes EU transport sector

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Mobility Package significantly changes EU transport sector

With the introduction of the new rules and regulations of the Mobility Package, the European Union is creating a more sustainable and efficient transport sector for the future. This will change the transport sector as we know it, with significant changes for drivers and fleets. As part of the Mobility Package, a new second-generation smart tachograph will become mandatory for all new vehicles in August 2023.

Road transport legislation equal for all EU Member States
The Mobility Package is essential to ensure enforcement of the new road transport legislation. It will provide a balance between the social protection of drivers and the freedom of operators to provide cross-border transport services. The Mobility Package ensures all rules and regulations are the same for all EU Member States. The goal is to increase road safety, improve working conditions, prevent fraud and systematic cabotage, and ensure fair competition and equal access to EU markets.

Part of the Mobility Package is the new Smart 2 tachograph legislation, which is a significant step forward for the road transport sector. Not only is this second-generation tachograph used for drivers' rest periods and driving times, but it will also be an enforcement tool through the DSRC module.

Timeline introduction

The second generation of smart tachographs will be implemented gradually. From August 21, 2023 the second generation tachograph is mandatory for all new newly registered vehicles over 3.5 tons. Before the end of 2024, retrofit is mandatory for all analogue & 1B tachographs for international transport vehicles. Between 2024 and August 21, 2025, retrofit is mandatory for all first generation Smart 1 tachographs for international transport vehicles. And from July 1st, 2026, all goods vehicles above 2.5 tons are required to have a second generation tachograph (for international transport only).

Stoneridge’s Smart 2 tachograph for the Mobility Package

This summer, Stoneridge will introduce the second-generation smart tachograph: the SE5000 Smart 2. This tachographs is especially designed to meet the EU Mobility Package I standards. The new SE5000 Smart 2 will offer several new features, such as geofix and position authentication via Galileo OSNMA. This allows for automated border crossing without driver action needed and speed up roadside cabotage checks as the tachograph can manually register the position during loading/unloading. Our SE5000 Smart 2 also improves monitoring of drivers' rest periods and driving times, which helps to prevent driver fatigue and improves road safety.

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