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Mobile apps for Stoneridge Tachographs. An unbeatable pairing

With Stoneridge Mobile Apps and Bluetooth dongle, drivers can access key information when on the move with the Duo Mobile and Tacho Centre Android Apps.  

Duo Mobile

A second display on hand at all times

The free Duo Mobile app from Stoneridge makes all the benefits available on your mobile phone. Once you have installed the intuitive tacho app, your phone will synchronise with the SE5000 Excact Duo and soon the Smart 2, providing you with a second display and endless benefits. For instance, it will make it easy for you to view your tachograph's data, such as driving and rest times, speed and distance covered. You will also be able to view your activity status at any time of day, always keeping you abreast of your drive and rest times. This will help you to schedule work better and satisfy legal requirements.

Download Duo Mobile App

To use the Stoneridge Duo Mobile app, download the ZIP file on a smartphone, extract its contents and install the APK file.

Tacho Center

Wireless tachograph data management

The free Tacho Center app from Stoneridge is an innovative solution for wireless management of tachograph data on any European certified tachograph. It will enable you to download driver and tachograph data using your phone without the hassle of connecting cables or download equipment, saving you both time and money. What's more, the wireless data transfer will make it easy for you to exchange data with your scheduling system or other systems, boosting efficiency and optimising your operational processes.

Download Tacho Center App

To use the Tacho Center app, download the ZIP file on a smartphone, extract its contents and install the APK file.


Work more efficiently and save on costs

Using the tacho apps in combination with the tachographs from Stoneridge offers plenty of benefits. The Duo Mobile app will ensure that you have a second display at all times and make it easy to view your drive and rest time status, while the Tacho Center app will enable wireless tachograph data management and boost efficiency. As for a transport company, these benefits will put you in a better position to satisfy legal requirements, work more efficiently and save on costs.

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