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OPTIMO2: Wireless programming and calibration of all tachographs

Meet OPTIMO2, the latest service center programming technology from Stoneridge. Wireless calibration of all analogue, digital and smart tachographs.

The ideal service center tool

Meet the advanced service center programming technology: OPTIMO2. Designed from a user perspective, the robust, wireless OPTIMO2 service center tool provides everything you need to program and calibrate tachographs. OPTIMO2 comes as a wireless kit, which makes wireless calibration of all smart and digital tachographs possible. Making OPTIMO2 the ideal service center tool. Additional adapter and calibration cables can be supplied for the programming and calibration of analogue tachographs.

What's more, OPTIMO2 comes with an update that meets the requirements of the Smart 2 tachograph legislation that comes into force in August 2023. This update provides you with everything you need to work with Smart 2 tachographs in the service center.

A comprehensive system

The use of tried-and-tested tablet technology, the integrated SE5000 & 1381 configuration system and the option of reading, saving and sending important tachograph parameters automatically make OPTIMO2 a comprehensive system. The device comes with exceedingly simple installation instructions, as well as extra storage space for PDF documents. A 10" touchscreen and a one-year guarantee make OPTIMO2 an indispensable addition to your service center. The device is available in 18 languages. 


More information

Stoneridge provides a manual for OPTIMO2 that you can easily download. It gives you clear instructions on how to set up and use the OPTIMO2, its features, to read data and how to preform tests. 

For more information, you can contact your local importer. Our importers know all there is to know about our OPTIMO2 and can help you if you have any questions. 


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